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Welcome to the first secure application offering videos of your child during his hospitalization.



Mothers in another hospital far from their babies, dads at work, families spread apart… The objective is to keep you all around your newborn child.


Cordon guarantees the security of the data and its access is highly secured inside a private network that only invited members can join.


Cordon is a secure solution to remain aside your child, event during hard times. Feel a little closer while receiving videos of your preborn’ first days


Cameras are set-up in the rooms of the center and allows families, under medical supervision, to see the child.


Join Cordon

Ask for the opening of your account directly to the medical corps of your center Get news of your child : with the supervision of the medical corps, you get access to the latest videos of your child


Look at your child

Under the control of medical teams, your child will be visible just for you.


Share your videos

Share your videos : Your loved ones will be able to watch and to comment the videos you decide to share with them.

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When innovation brings  everyday warmth

Photo book

Teams dedicated to the project, families cheered up, a lovely shared story

Family photo book

Family photo book

Cordon’s Team

Cordon’s Team

Neonatal center of Bordeaux

Neonatal center of Bordeaux


Sweet words

They support us and continue to help us everyday for spreading Cordon.

  • I find this idea really great I would have liked to have it for my son stayed 3 months in the maternity very good project to install everywhere

    Aurore Startup Mum
  • Superb idea I gave birth to twins 29sa they stayed in neonat almost 3 months I would have loved to see them when I was away from them it's very hard to be separated

    Laetitia Cucurou Super Mom
  • I will really love to enjoy it. I was 3 days after my emergency caesarean section on the soluter or I could not go to see my daughter and also at home. To show it to everyone and of course to console me by watching it. Very nice project.

    Myriam Brave Mom
  • I think it's top idea! I would have loved to have that when my son was hospitalized. I think it will reassure parents who can not be near their children.

    Chabi Papa Rayonnant
  • It's a great idea, my daughter was born 9 years ago and I really wanted to have this system, even if she was not premature, she was in an incubator because she was sick. Congratulations for this initiative, and to allow worried parents to keep in touch with their little ones. ♡♡♡

    Virginie Love Mum
  • It's a great idea !! I gave birth to a baby girl at 6 months of pregnancy. I spent my whole days in the hospital at his side, however in the evening ... It was necessary to return alone ... I would have loved to see my daughter at night before falling asleep in addition to the call to the service to know if everything was fine. And also allow the family to see the baby before leaving so as to feel a little more "normal" because people are sometimes distant until they can visit the baby. Anyway, it'll be two years but I would have loved to have this system. So if it can make others happy then I am thoroughly with you !!! Thank you for this great idea!

    Denis Andréa Convinced Mom
  • I am the mother of a very premature baby and I would have loved to be able to see my baby other than with photos during the 15 days following his birth ... .I could see my baby in "real" only 15 days later ... because I in a hospital and him in another !!!! Congratulations for this initiative !!!! Superb project

    Mme Bébiou Supporter Mom
  • A way to reassure moms and live a little better this terrible ordeal! A year ago, it would have saved me from shedding a few less tears! Nice project that is born ... hoping that it develops quickly in all neonats. BRAVO

    Charlotte Lauris Mom of heart

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